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where can i buy pills online without prescription?

Posted in Q & A | 3 comments

I am looking to buy a pill online that would normally call for a prescription. I would go to the doctor but i still have a overdue bill and i cannot afford to pay it right now. I know the pill i need, I am just...

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buying medicine online?

Posted in Q & A | 9 comments

is it illegal to buy medicine (clomid) online without a perscription? my insurace does not cover it and it is cheaper to buy it online verses at the pharamacy! Buy no prescription drugs...

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Buy Premarin online without prescription?

Posted in Q & A | 3 comments

Is it possible and where can I buy Premarin without any prescription online?...

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buy a prescription eye glases through online

Posted in Q & A | 1 comment

Hi, I am planning to buy a prescription eye glases through online...

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Where can I find trendy prescription glasses online?

Posted in Q & A | 2 comments

Wearing glasses has become so trendy but those of us who where prescription...

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Has anyone experienced frequent urination with amitriptyline?

Posted in Prescription News | 1 comment

I am on 100mg of amitriptyline and I have to pee every 10 minutes. Has anyone...

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Buying phentermine online?

Posted in Q & A | 3 comments

Has anyone bought the real deal online?? And had a good experience with the...

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